‘’I grew up in Soweto, my Dad got us a shack in Tshiawelo to move away from staying with a lot of people at Lenasia, used to sleep sometimes without eating coz there was no food,
I got bullied in primary and my lunch box was taken from me every single day coz I was new there and I didn’t speak out because I was afraid until one day I broke down and cried.

Moved to Protea Glen thought things were going to be better but got worse as now we were in a bond, we would go for days without food without and transport money to go to school.
Finished my Matric under the circumstances and I enrolled at Rosebank College but my dream got cut short as I couldn’t afford fees, found a job at some recruitment company in downtown Johannesburg,
I worked hard that month but I came home with a salary of R50 as we were told only a few people signed up; bought braai pack and bread with it and I handed in my resignation.

Two years went by without anything coming up until my parents saved up money for me to go to school at Pinnacle Business College – I told myself that I won’t wait for 2nd year to get an internship,
I hustled for a job at various places with no luck till I went to the Market Theatre. My life changed, my hard work and prayers never fell on deaf ears, God kept my blessings as I wasn’t ready; he knew that in 2012 that’s when I’ll be ready; he prepared me for that time”.

Blessed Poster

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