A tragi-comedy about friendship, racism and decolonization (as well as reading …)
on the wrong side of the rainbow
They are all on the edge. Each has weaknesses. There are no innocents.
These people are Vish Naidoo (Luversan Gerard), a divorced, Indian businessman/deal-maker; Stanton de Villiers (Craig Morris), a white, gay man of Afrikaner ancestry who is a consultant to the new government and is the host for the evening; Mncedisi Julius Matanzima (Pule Hlatswayo), a black consciousness activist involved in youth development; and Cornelia Hendricks (Campbell Meas), a young Coloured primary school teacher and feminist.
Twenty years have passed since the 1980’s Struggle when the three men lived and worked together. Over time they have gone their separate ways and much has changed but on a summer’s evening in Melville they come together to launch a book club. In this they are joined by the daughter of a former woman comrade, whose life experience is essentially only that of the post-Apartheid period but who is very aware of the recent and historical past. She brings something from that past with her and as the evening progresses different revelations reveal the fault lines in all their relationships.
Come and spend the evening with them … join in the discussion!
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