KASI MOVIE NIGHTS presents the screening of THE HANGMAN (info)

Set in the Gallows Pretoria in 1989 about a family secret that destroyed a son’s love for his father and his journey to finding out the truth. In 1976 Mfundisi, a father to Khetha (11), realizes the late hour and no return of his wife Sizakele from work. Mfundisi decides to leave Khetha at home in search of her. When Sizakhele returns in a battered and bloodied state, a distraught Khetha learns from his mother that his father will never return. Khetha is never told the details of what caused his father’s disappearance, this causes a disjointed idea of his father actions that night which haunts him throughout his youth into adulthood. Several years later Khetha finds work as a prison warder in the Pretoria’s Maximum Prison death row facility. When a prisoner is transferred from C-Max into Death Row Khetha learns that this is his father.Khetha chooses to conceal his identity from his father and begins a campaign of reprisal chastising Mfundisi covertly through the prison system in the weeks before his execution. When the truth of Mfundisi’s disappearance is brought to the surface on the eve of his execution, Khetha must either choose forgiveness or live forever with regret of failing to accept the truth.

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