An enchanting music sensation depicting an eloquent woman who is in search of her dreams, learns the hard lessons through the challenges that she faces as a young artist. She embarks on a new journey as she escapes from her past to find somebody or anyone who will not milk her voice. Will the eloquent woman awaken the still-stained city with her milked voice by instilling hope into the remainder of the truthful artists that are left in this city? We meet a saxophone lady, a bass player, and a producer ,all yearning to re-live their dreams too…When all worlds cross, do the missing puzzles of each characters dreams become fulfilled, or not?

Slindile Mthembu’s offering is bound to take you on a reflective journey as she uses the teachings of theatre to reflect the times artists are living in. The stage is set in post-apartheid South Africa with a live four piece jazz band.

Milked Voices A1 poster

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