Soweto’s  premium poetry platform, over 500 performances since inception. A medium for expression and an entertainment and poetry event of world class proportion. Poetic Thursdays  contributes significantly to Soweto’s cultural scene by showcasing artists from all over the country and all walks of life. It has unearthed a new breed of writers/poets that are essential to carrying the proverbial baton and paving a way for the next era of artists in this part of the world.

For bookings call 0861 670 670 or visit www.sowetotheatre.com

For more information contact

Kgotso Motaung
C: 083 382 2246
E: kgotsomotaung90@gmail.com

Philile Ntimbane
T: 011 930 7461/2/3
E: philile@sowetotheatre.com

After taking a break for the month of October we return on 30th November with an electrifying line up for this months showcase. Join us at the yellow theatre at Soweto Theatre between 8 and 10:30 pm and experience Soweto poetry at it’s best.
This months set up includes Tribal Punq; a 2 vocalist musical act that seeks to redefine the Tribal Punq genre to relevantly connect with the diversity of the South African socio cultural heartbeat.
The union was inspired by the desire
to spread empowering messages for positive change through the power of the the Arts.
”The aim is to engage audiences into conversations that compel them to grow and connect with one another.
Connection, support, growth and of course love are our core values because after all”…
The next planet in orbit is Mpho Khosi a well profiled and well documented Soweto Born orator. Mpho says poetry enabled him to overcome his shy and inexpressive nature growing up.”Poetry helped me find my voice and once I did it helped me unleash it”.
He describes his poetry as descriptive, expressive and personal. Mpho helps bring about consistency to the Word N Sound brand by being part of the organising committee of their poetry league,weekly open mics and Annual festivals.
He recently showcased at Balladry composition taking the audience through his journey, pain and love. He says every time he performs he wishes for people to experience him as a storyteller and a lover and scholar of Jazz and Spoken word.
Mpho currently works close with multiple high schools mentoring young writers and championing poetry workshops.
Sensational Mpho Mofokeng originates from the Vaal and is founder at Genesis Poetry and has also authored and edited works for Paper in Ink.He was also one of the first few poets to showcase on the Poets In Offices platform enthralling audiences through captivating performances and soothing words. Mpho has served the literary world a lot in a short space of time even being content creator for Jozi Poet at Work. A journalism student;Mpho has been performing professionally for the past 3 years.He says he has noted with shame how inconsistency by some organisers devalues Poetry as viable industry.”I would like to see the whole media poetry industry take poets and poetry seriously”. Apart from being on stage he enjoys being an actor and contributing to the world of journalism. Mpho says he sees himself travelling a lot in future and hopefully being published in an African poetry anthology.
“My favourite thing about poetry is that it sets me free especially when I’m on stage performing. It lifts the weight of my shoulders. To be honest I never get used to performing, though I’m often on stage the nerves are always there, nonetheless it’s a liberating experience”.
The next star in this cosmic array is Jonathan Lefenya;born in the early nineties Soweto and that is one of his biggest influences to capture the air of Soweto and spread it the world over. Jonathan has lived most of life in Naledi Soweto and left age 8 to go live with his father in North West, he would later learn of his father’s tragic passing and that would prompt him to returning to Soweto. Under the care the care of his sickly grandmother he continued writing and performing. He has consistently followed his dream of a writer though he came across many adversities he persisted regardless. At age 15 he wrote the opening speech to commemorate the youth day celebrations at Naledi High School dedicated to the school’s principal at the legendary High school and has since soared to greater heights ,earlier this year he headlined the College Sports arts and Culture festival hosted by the education, sports and arts ministry.
Finally and certainly not least we land on planet Combars(Frican Deep) there are many moons here and time is a fallacy.Combars is an all round creative well received for his music selecting skills. He began his DJ-ing career in 2011, learning multiple genres of music and how they complemented each other whilst studying different crowds,which he deems important. 2013 would see him take a break from selecting music and focusing on visual art, enrolling in art and design to enhance his creative abilities. He also organises some of the major calendar events in Soweto through the company he co-owns;Frican Deep. In 2013 together with his partner he organised the listening session for Lilac Jeans and later worked on Blue Box production.
He is now graphic designer for Soweto Arts and Craft Development and DJ’s at the Jabulani Mall Social Market hosted by Soweto Arts and Craft Development and works closely with Schots; Host of Seven Colour Sundays at Soweto Theatre. We trust this line up will salivate you and equally surpass your wildest expectations! *Please note we have an open mic slot.

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