Inspire, empower, changing the negative perception of black owned businesses.
Soweto, JHB: The SEC will be hosting its bi-monthly Reservoir of Hope event, which will be held at the Soweto theatre on the 4th of June 2017.
Reservoir of Hope is one of our offerings; it is a bi-monthly event which seeks to empower, unite, educate, and provide exhibition opportunities and to inspire women on a wide variety of topics by expert speakers.
With unemployment reaching its highest percentage since democracy and continuing to drop; the survival rate of entrepreneurs over a 10 year period dropping to just under 9% according to Stats SA,
we at the SEC felt the need to educate small and medium enterprises, of the different fundamentals involved in running a successful business, and that it is not only good ideas and
passion that will see the success of your business, but with good leadership, determination and commitment. The SEC believes that with a push in the right direction,
vigorous involvement and resistant coaching it is possible to effect culture change in how black owned businesses are perceived.
Through the sustainability of small woman owned businesses, we stand a chance to change the identity of poverty, which is known to be African, Black, Woman and child.
We seek to provide women with access to information, resources and exposure to improve and or enhance their perspective in business operations, formal or informal businesses

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