Founded in 2000 in Johannesburg, South Africa, the indie rock act BLK JKS is comprised of Mpumi Mcata (guitar), Molefi Makananise (bass) and Tshepang Ramoba (drums). BLK JKS made their international recording debut in 2007 with a limited-edition 10″ vinyl release of the single “Lakeside”. In 2008 the band was befriended by Diplo during a DJ tour of South Africa, and after he spread some positive word about them, BLK JKS were offered a recording contract with Secretly Canadian, one of America’s premier indie rock labels. The band made it’s Secretly Canadian debut in 2009 with the four-track Mystery EP, which was recorded in collaboration with producer Brandon Curtis of Secret Machines and features a new version of “Lakeside.” Around this time, BLK JKS became a media favourite, appearing on the cover of the trendsetting magazine Fader, and mounted tours of both the United States and Europe, including appearances at the South by Southwest and Big Chill festivals. Not long after their debut full length After Robots, in summer of 2010, the band returned with their second EP Zol!
Sounds of Soweto showcases bands that either come from Soweto or have a close relationship with Soweto in terms of their musical journey.
It is through this production that we celebrate the authentic and dynamic, Sounds of Soweto!


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