Soweto will be hosting the first-ever Soweto Kota Festival in September. The festival will present the best local Kota chefs who will showcase their Kota cooking skills.

This is the popular fast food in any township.  If you are hungry and you are in Soweto or any other township the first thing that come to your mind is a Kota. This is a proudly South African township cuisine and everyone loves it.

We are so excited to announce that Soweto Theatre will host the 1st Soweto Kota Festival.

Kota and food lovers can expect more than 30 Kota food vendors. Whether you like Kota mince, Kota with chips or even Kota mash,  all will be served.  There will be live music and DJ’s in both days. We will be having  kids entertainment including jumping castles, digital games and face painting. Visitors must also expect a beer garden and wine tasting on both days . We believe food goes well with some drinks. We will be also introducing a Healthy Kota Challenge that seeks to promote a healthy lifestyle in the food preparations when making a Kota. We want Kota suppliers to reduce salt and oil.
Given the basic structure of this popular township street food – a quarter loaf (Kota) of bread hollowed out and filled again – it’s easy to see why many people liken it to another local treat, the bunny chow. However, its contents are what distinguishes the Kota from its Durban cousin: the soft loaf is crammed with a combination of, among other ingredients, atchar, polony, slap chips, cheese, egg and Russian sausage.

To those who’ve grown up in the townships of South Africa, where the spazas sell popular street food unique to this socio-economic and geographic area, a Kota is a Kota – and like nothing else.

kota fest poster

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