Basadi Ka Dituku (women in head wraps) is an event that focuses on women from all walks of life, a fun and very educational experience.  Woman’s month is a big deal in South Africa due to all the socio-economic challenges the African women is faced with on a daily basis.  This is the 3rd annual Basadi Ka Dituku, and we are pleased to say that last year we had 4 events in various venues and we were able to draw in a crowd of over 3000+ woman from all walks of life. Basadi Ka Dituku is a project that brings women together to celebrate our achievements, share ideas, eat, laugh and dance together. It allows social cohesion and is a great platform for women empowerment. Our core target market is women between the ages of 25-45.  We also encourage men to attend these sessions as it gives them an opportunity to gain insight and see the world through the eyes of a woman.  We have adopted a group of men who are a proud part of this movement under the hashtag #menbehindbasadikadituku.

The head wrap or tuku is a cultural symbol that has grown in style and become one of the most fashionable pieces today. We’ve seen celebrities wearing a doek as a fashion statement.  Not only is this a fashion statement but wearing a tuku gives an African woman a layer of confidence and strength, it is also associated with being important.  Originally Southern African women mostly wear tuku as a sign that they 12:12are betrothed, married or bereaved, so the tuku plays a major part of our day to day lives.

This year the country lost a giant tree, a symbol of hope and peace, a role model to women worldwide.  A strong, resilient daughter of the soil.  Basadi ka Dituku will honour Mama Winnie in song, dance and art this year

2017/18 has seen as an spike in the number of femicides and female abductions and therefore we aim for the 2018 edition of Basadi ka Dituku to highlight the issue around the senseless killing of women. We will use the hashtag #kwanelemfazi (Women it’s enough) to promote the safety of women in this country.

Event details:

Basadi ka Dituku honours Mama Winnie and Mama Sisulu.


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