BE BRAVE (info)

Be Brave Festival is a Public Art Project that advocates for social responsibility and positive change by championing the courage to preserve our culture and traditions. We strive to fight against all odds when it comes to racism, gender equality, poverty, abuse, crime etc. Be Brave inspires people to be themselves with no fear, inspires creative bravery, positivity, love, caring, sharing etc.

Come and enjoy music, food, fashion, wines, beers , art and rub shoulders with the likes of Aubrey Qwana, Big Zulu, Gaba Cannal, Lastborn , Terrence McKay, Tbose (kaya fm), MOG (Metro), T-mix and many more.

The event is two days long. The first day (Saturday) consists of House, Afro Soul and Hip Hop music, while the second day (Sunday) is Ballads, Afro soul, R&B and Jazz music. Experience Wine Theatre, Food Theatre, Beer Theatre, clothes, Art Theatre and good music. You don’t want to miss a fun and funky weekend.

For VVIPs there’s beer games, an open bar, face painting or a masquerade mask on your arrival.