The ethereal brought to material form…
A body, an infusion an inclusion of symbols embroidered and demonstrating birth, death, baptism and resurrection concurrently, with all diversified pathways engaging dyads and an actual coffin presented on stage, taking one through the progression of life and inclinations of spiritual pitfalls that happen to be a part of portals of growth and form. Then an introduction of different beginnings of form intertwined with the story of the first man in the garden eastward in Eden. All portrayed through poems, music, props, and a dialogue in which the audience is opportune to participate, interact and respond, delving deep into the theme of the Show and Session which is: “The first God in our generation and the revolutions of God.”

Make mention of some “Patriarchs” and the meaning, citations and translations of their names through rites by Deity and sync that with and look at some names given to God to unravel and reveal who He is. Expose possibilities of the first Father and first Son in the order and eternal round of the Gods.

Fusing and using a diversity of doctrines, principles, elements, concepts and synergies in between, from Sage to Saint, Muslim to master, Mystic to Adept, Philosopher to Swami, Author and writer to Poet, Monk to Mathematician, and incorporate, meld and melt such doctrines, principles and elements as one. Illustrate as it were the interconnectivity and inter-relativity of the same.

Depict the fallibility marked by our mortal sojourn and an eventual and gradual mastery of an honest and good-hearted seeker, as it were a “step by step ascent to the Holy of holies.” The Preacher entreats the crowd and audience with possibilities of considerations, analysis, and definitions of what he has come to acknowledge but also master by the least instrument or vessel and divine gadget (“The Word”) the Spoken Word.