‘Don’t let the sun set on you here’ is putting critical lenses on the world and Africa through the use of the contemporary dance language. It intends to explore the current geopolitical, the racial and clamatorial issues that keep the world under pressure.

It is a surrealistic, afro-futuristic and an aesthetic approach that includes scientific and historic elements in its effort to open up the intersection of the African diaspora in terms of philosophy, culture, technology and fashion.

It is a re-imagination and representation of the Black People/Bodies

An extract from The African Business, 25 September 2017, goes thus: “Africans should no stand back and allow the sun to set on what little gains we have made. If we do, more poverty for the most vulnerable of our citizens is on the horizon. The consequences of that will affect everyone: Arise Africa!”

The work is co-produced by the National Arts Festival and PACOFS with support from the National Arts Council and IFAS