Why Host a Festival of this Nature in Soweto and Beyond?
The past two years have left many lives traumatized, mentally unwell and ravaged by the effects of the Covid -19 Pandemic. We saw a need to embark on one of our flagship projects titled, Festival of Love. WE NEED MORE LOVE!
Festival of Love is about sharing the true gift of love; congeniality, reconciliation, healing and forgiveness in a fun-filled safe haven. This Festival of Love event which is our 3rd one; is scheduled to take place on, Friday 24th to Saturday 25th February at Soweto Theatre in Jabulani, Soweto.

This year marks just over a decade since the inaugural Festival of Love event which was successfully hosted in partnership with Rainbow FM 90.7 on, 14 February 2008. The second one was held in 2011 at ZAR, former nightclub owned by Kenny Kunene and Gayton McKenzie at Raddison Blu Hotel, Sandton.