The Performance traces the arrival of Western Religion to Africans through the eyes of an ordinary girl turned woman. It tells how Western Religion was accepted (through Western Traditional Music) , assimilated (through contemporary / Jazz / Gospel Music and ) ,and adapted to suit our conditions and needs (through Shembe Music and Dance). It also takes a stance of saying I as the African, if I want to, I observe my traditional roots unapologetically (through Traditional Music and Cultural Educational expose’). It also tells the background stories of how chants such as “Sawubona Wethu” came to be. It highlights through song, and physical exhibition our Heritage the Palaces of our Zulu Kings from the beginning till now. It finally tells that even Marabi Dance / Music is as a result of adaptations by some of us who came from rural areas to the city to seek jobs. As Africans (especially Zulus we are a rhythmic people, we are a musical people. We express our emotions and our environment through music and dance.
Our show traces our evolution from the time when Western Religion came upon us to the present. It shows how we accepted assimilated and interpreted their religion and indeed incorporated it within our way of life in fact the whole rendition is carried by background stories and background slides. The 2nd session goes back to our roots still using music as a vehicle. We preserve and educate ourselves and our community about our heritage and our culture through music, dance and story-telling. From its theatrical nature it will evolve into educational tools such as books, videos etc. which will assist in educating our youth in the schools and elsewhere; and even create job opportunities. Over and above the performance, we have a visual display of craft and heritage. We also go through the various dance types that evolved in our semi urban areas from the Twist Jive to Vosho back to Marabi Dance. While the musical/theatre performance is on; the background exhibition on the screen is on AND the physical display of the Zulu Kings and their palaces is on the ground from King NTU to the present King ZWELITHINI KA BHEKUZULU and their palaces from then to now.

The mere acceptance of Western Religion by Africans, the adaptation of Western Religion to Africanism is an unmistakable sign of a nation that despite all the hardships it went through is willing to reconcile with its counterparts. This show therefore is an epitome of reconciliation as it upholds both Western and African ideologies on the same pedestal through Song, Dance, Poetry, Storytelling and Visual Arts
Why this show`?
• To educate our people about creativity and that our heritage and our culture can be used to create wealth / job opportunities.
• To re evoke our peoples spirituality and sense of belonging.
• To preserve our history so we do not lose our roots and our heritage.
• To exhibit and emphasize the power of woman in Nation building and Social cohesion.

It has been performed for the Zulu King, the Prime Minister of the Zulus and for schools. Also performed at Wushwini arts Centre and The Bat Centre in Durban
The Director and Producer of the show has been an actress, an educator, a poet, a writer and a singer/song writer an assistant Director and a Deputy Director in the Dept of Arts and Culture in KZN.

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