GENESIS (info)

“It’s the beginning of the end, life begins when it ends”

Genesis. A one-man show expressed through poetry, acting and song. The sound by ART24 Academy is a fusion of Clap and Tap Tap and Acapella. We are taken on a journey of the poet’s life and the challenges he has faced so far on a personal and social level. It has been said that we all have contributed to what society has come to be. Things just get worse and worse by the day. It is as if phenomena are competing with one another to see which can be the most brutal. How is it that all of us have contributed to this kind of society? We are often caught as bystanders of violence, corruption and unruly religions. The truth is we have found ourselves in a world where all these already exist, campaigns raising awareness shout out. “It takes an individual to make a change”. No, it does not. It take the world to change the world. So this is but GENESIS.

Genesis is a tale that takes us on a journey of what society labels as the innocent and criminal, the good and bad, the holy and evil. Along this journey, we are reminded of the unfairness of the world we live in. How twisted things can be. We are shown how situations are given birth to. They do not just appear and happen, they are like a flower planted as a seed under good soil, watered and gradually grow and blossom.

This is a time for change. This is but GENESIS!


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