The home of premium Township comedy. Ghetto laughs has been bringing you nothing but quality laughs for the past 5 years. At the majestic Soweto Theatre, every last Thursday of the Month some of the South Africa’s funniest comics gather to bring you chuckles, giggles and lols. Come witness some of the greatest comedy talent in the continent.

GHETTO LAUGHS Comedy Show, happens every last Thursday of the month in partnership with Soweto Theatre.

A very special Thursday or very funny Thursday is what we have lined up for this month, raw talent with a dash of charisma and sweet ghetto cherries on top, a perfect Thursday late night snack. The 30th of august will be lit, we will need fire trucks and paramedics don’t forget the medication for stomach cramps as we deliver great comedy e- kasi style. And a hint to the ladies as you know its woman’s month, tell your man to spoil you with some tickets to the most fantastic stand-up comedy show e-kasi. 

The host-Tshepo Sethosa  co-founder of Sibling’s comedy needs no introduction, but on this turn of events he will be making all the introductions. Multi- talented, super funny and outgoing all the best qualities you need and more from this host who promise that the next coming show will be an wonderful performance anniversary 

The line-up: 

Thabo Mthimkhulu

Thabo Mthimkhulu packs the powerful power to surprise with each of his performances. He is no freshman in the comedy circuit as for the past three years he has been performing at the Ozone Comedy Nights alongside his friend and mentor Jay Boogie. It was at the South African Comedy Academy workshops in 2012 that he would take on comedy as a professional career.

Thabang Er

Thabang Eugene Ramasenya, presents a comedic style which highlights the everyday experiences of a young Mopedi man in South Africa.

Better known to his fans as Thabang ER, he presents his comedy through Sepedi and English, appealing to audiences across the ethnic spectrum.

The Moletjie ga-Ramakgaphola (Polokwane) born comedian started his on-stage career in 2012.Politics, pop-culture, South African cultures – these are but a few of the subjects Thabang E.R. brings to light through his on stage anecdotes.

Facebook :Thabeng Eugen Ramasenya

Mbali Gudazi

The only Queen we have this month, She’s funny she will leave you in stiches, as she has been making people laugh. Her fans known her as Mbali, Mbali is south African comedian born in KZN who discovered her comedic talent while she was a master of ceremony at a year-end function of the organisation since then she has never looked back .

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