Given Chauke’s ground breaking Qina the Musical returns to the stage for a limited run.
Set in the present-day at a big city like Johannesburg where people from different walks of life meet in pursuit for greener pastures. The musical tells the story of a young man determined to complete a degree in dance and a 2nd year female student whose life’s affected by an absent baby daddy at a prestigious dance institution. The lives of these two interesting characters cross path at a point in the play were both are in need of comfort and company. Their relationship becomes the center of focus through a series of romantic events that seem to heal past wounds and the rising individual problems.
Reality strikes and things come to a boil when a jealous baby daddy who is a powerful lecture at the institution returns to the young woman to fulfill a previous engagement. Secretes are revealed and the young man is expelled on false allegations that leave him shuttered and almost destroyed for life, through faith and resilience He escapes depression and commits to his objectives once again.
The Musical is performed by a 9 piece live band and a vibrant cast of 18 triple threats, and the story is told through Amapiano, hip hop, afro beat and afro pop Music, Dance and Spectacle.