Our event is meant to provide a platform for various stakeholders to present information on careers, bursaries, grants, business, and entrepreneurship, creating awareness about the multitude of opportunities available to the youth. It is meant to instil a sense of duty and responsibility among the youth, emphasizing their right and responsibility to benefit from available opportunities and to use their rights for the common good of their communities and society. It is meant to address and raise awareness about the dangers of certain behaviours , such as drugs, unprotected sex, crime, and other mischievous activities, to ensure the holistic development of the youth. It is meant to encourage the youth to think differently about YOUTH DAY and inspire them to make choices that contribute positively to their personal growth and the betterment of their immediate communities. We will do all of this through arts because that is a common language that the youth easily listen to or happily engage on. We will be also giving them a platform to showcase their talent as the expo takes place.
The chosen theme, “I 2 K HOLDINGS YOUTH EMPOWERMENT EXPO,” embodies our vision of empowering the youth to think deeply about the choices they make daily. We aim to impress upon them that being a free young person is not just a permission to do as they please but opportunities to actively contribute to the betterment of society. The theme encourages the youth to intentionally make choices that lead to personal growth and meaningful contributions within their immediate communities.