IT’S PERSONAL with Bongeziwe Mabandla

It’s your favorite musician/band up close and personal. Unlike other performances, you are not only there to watch, but you get a chance to ask them the burning question you have always wanted answers to. The truth behind the latest salacious piece of gossip you spotted in a tabloid media stand, or maybe you just want to know what their type is, whatever is on your mind, you get to ask, and your favorite artist or band MUST ANSWER. This program at Soweto Theatre doesn’t promise only sauce, its outright #FLAMES. It’s personal is hosted by Bongani Drama. This month’s musician is Bongesizwe Mabandla.


ABOUT Bongeziwe

When Bongeziwe Mabandla surfaced with his debut album in 2012 he was hailed as the new face of Afro-Folk, effortlessly able to entwine Xhosa lyrics with traditional music and folk stylings to create something uniquely captivating. In the five years that have passed since Umlilo ’s release, he’s an amplified his already considerable gifts, with tours to Australia, Asia and Canada, appearances at several international and national festivals and an invigorated approach to song writing that’s adding elements of spirituality and forward-looking creativity to his unique musical mix. The result of all of this is Mabandla’s second album – the first through a new deal with Universal Music. Titled Mangaliso (meaning “marvel” or “miracle”), it’s a world class record that confirms he’s among the most purposeful and gifted artists working in South Africa today. Among the highlights are first single, “ Ndokulandela”, a hypnotic song that showcases Mabandla’s meditative, yet powerful, voice, “Bawo Wam” which carries with it the spirit of the ancient on a song built around a distinctively modern beat-heavy groove and “Khaya”, a track that reveals Mabandla’s guitar work as among the most lyrical South Africa has produced. Mangaliso was produced by Tiago Correia Paulo (Tumi and the Volume; 340ml) who also features, along with Mike Wright (Zebra & Giraffe), in the live band that have been touring with Mabandla.


About Bongani Drama

Bongani_Drama also known as Mzwanele, Jackson Nomcweya, showed love for the Entertainment industry at a very tender age, when he would imitate young and aspiring TV presenters on his mirror and also when he was given an opportunity, by his primary school English teacher to emcee a school event and be part of a school play where he played the leading role. Originally from Potchefstroom, Bongani_Drama grew up in a middle class family in Meadowlands, SOWETO.

Get your tickets to It’s Personal today at, Pre-Sale R100 and R120 at the door. Brought to you by Soweto Theatre and Jozi Unsigned. See you on Friday August the 31st. #Its Personal #Flames

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