A Decade ago, a brand new genre was born….A genre that directly caters to the sprawling streets of Soweto….a mixture of Kwaito and hip-hop….Its relevance was immediately appreciated by young (and old) people and music lovers in hoods across South Africa..

Kasi Rap is the underdog in the ever-commercial digital modern landscape that is playing itself out in our mobile, internet and TV screens….It is not on TV yet but in young people’s phones and hearts….It’s hardly on radio but you hear it everywhere in the Streets of South Africa…Hip-hop sessions and countless events have kept Kasi rap thus far.

You can not mention Kasi Rap without mentioning the Deep Soweto Movement. DS the movement that help create and cement the genre…In the same light, one cannot mention Kasi rap without mentioning GP Gangsta. At a time when kwaito was king of the airwaves. GP Gangsta stuck to its guns and helped develop the genre.

Today Kasi Rap is a fast growing force. A culture has been established. Entrepreneurship is the order of the day.

Kasi Rap Festival is a music inspired event. An event whose sole purpose is to unite the genre and leverage the abundant talent at its disposal.

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