‘Kasi Worship Concert’ is the long-awaited J Ross in concert/live recording, performed by International award-winning worship leader J Ross. Inspired by the word of God and a transcendent personal encounter, J Ross transcribes God’s heart for his children through his music. ‘J Ross in Concert’ will be performed and filmed live from the red theatre at the Soweto Theatre on the 15th of October 2022.’Kasi Worship Concert’ can be experienced as a confronting journey, on how he overcame the lifestyle of a circular musician, whose life was stuck in drug addiction & alcohol abuse. J Ross will take us through the process of his transformation as he honors God with his God given gift of music and worship.

Join us as we witness this extremely beautiful time in J Ross’s career as a true child of God. The audience can expect a breathtaking performance as he worships the father with music from his previous albums, and brand-new music will also be launched on the day.

J Ross’s ultimate mission is to bring millions to be saved, and this is what fuels the artists inspiration for his music. His live concert will bring melodic heartbeat declaration of not only his gratitude to God but a message of hope, love, and restoration. It serves as a stark reminder that our hope should not reside in man or the earthly realm but rather that heaven is our true home.

He gained and won two awards nominations in the UK and US in 2020 & in 2021, the artist secured five international nominations from the Gospel Choice Awards and Prayze Factor Awards in the USA. He won a SAFTA for Best Original Score for the TV drama, Lockdown also in 2021. His latest album, Scrolls, has earned him three nominations for the Gospel Choice Music Awards in Atlanta USA. He is also nominated for the SAFTAs 2022.

J Ross will be debuting his first ever live recording concert at Soweto Theatre.

To keep up to date with the latest information from J Ross, you can follow him on Instagram & twitter @jross_za, Facebook John Ross.

‘Kasi Worship Concert’ is produced by Megan & Johnross Jamela Vuma & will be held at the Soweto Theatre on the 15th of October 2022.