Gregory “Keke” Mabusela, acclaimed Singer-Songwriter and Drummer known for his contributions to The Muffinz, takes center stage in his hometown of Soweto for an extraordinary musical experience – “Kekelingo Homecoming Live in Soweto.” This momentous event promises to be a full-circle journey, delving into the roots and dreams that shaped the artist we know today.
Born and raised in a modest four-room house in Soweto, Naledi (ha mma), KekeLingo’s childhood was the trial from which his musical aspirations emerged. As the only boy in his household, he would find solace on the dining room floor of his grandmother’s home, gazing at the Asbestos roof above him. In those quiet moments, he transformed the humble roof into his world stage, envisioning performances alongside music icons such as Salif Keita, Khadja Nin, and Angelic Khidjo.
Having graced European stages and the historic Apollo Theatre in New York as a part of The Muffinz, KekeLingo embarked on a new solo chapter in 2020, adopting the stage name that reflects the language of his songs. This homecoming show is a testament to his journey from the streets of Soweto to international acclaim.
KekeLingo released his debut solo EP titled ‘Pula’ in 2023, which truly captivated and swept listeners off their feet with its authentic and unique artistry. The EP features authentic African melodies, vocals, and rhythmic drums woven together to present an EP that is an ode to the love that KekeLingo has for his beloved continent, Africa.
Kekelingo Homecoming Live in Soweto is more than just a concert; it’s a musical journey that seeks to heal and awaken the soulful chants resonating within the African spirit. The goal is to curate a profound connection with African heritage by seamlessly blending the past and present. This immersive experience aims not only to captivate the senses but also to nourish the soul, offering a harmonious celebration of the rich tapestry of our cultural legacy.
Join us as Kekelingo takes us on a transformative journey through his roots, dreams, and the universal language of music. This homecoming promises to be a night of soul-stirring melodies and a celebration of the vibrant spirit of Soweto. KekeLingo Homecoming Live in Soweto takes place 28 March 2024 at the Gibson Kente Theatre, Soweto Theatre.
About KekeLingo:
Gregory “Keke” Mabusela, known by the stage name Kekelingo, is a multifaceted artist, blending his skills as a Singer-Songwriter and Drummer. With roots in Soweto, Kekelingo’s music transcends borders, fusing traditional African sounds with contemporary influences. His solo journey is a testament to his commitment to creating music that resonates with the soul.
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