This is a gathering of believers and interdenominational fellowship. The meeting’s objective is to find solutions to the day to day challenges; in all spheres of our lives be it spiritual, social, political, economic, career and other wise. These meetings mainly seek to drive conversations, dialogs and discussions around hard topical issues that don’t feature prominently in the pulpit, but very critical for kingdom nation building.

The gathering intends to create a platform and an opportunity for believers to share in worship, wisdom, ideas, resources and the resourcefulness of skills, talents, abilities for kingdom advancement.  The programme also features explosive praise and worship as well as musical ministration from spirit filled musicians.

The positive outcomes of this gathering will be to challenge church leaders and goers to start doing something about societal problems, social ills, political problems and economic challenges facing South Africa and the world. We seek to translate these ideas into actions and workable solutions that will deliver results for our people.

This is an interdenominational movement that rallies churches to serve their community and make impact where it matters the most. We rally the churches through different programmes such as Kingdom Missions, Kingdom Career and talent expo, Kingdom out rich to the poor, Music concerts/outreach and Kingdom Gathering events. Our programmes are geared towards making South Africa a better and greater place.

2018 Feature topics are Health and Lifestyle as well as Business and Entrepreneurship. It is a 5 hours programme filled with energy, music, prayer and discussions.

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