The Lit’somong Showcases

Three groups will be showcasing their work.

Group 1’s showcase is called CANDY WORLD, where everything and everyone is sweet. It is about a colourful world of happiness, humour and sugar.
In it, there are colourful characters such as the dominant Candy Mama, the ever so helpful Dr. Candy, Candy Police, the sweet and bubbly Candy Kids and the naughtiest Bad Candy Boys.

Group 2’s showcase is called Amawele. It is about Kamva and Lihle who lost each other at birth. One lives with her abusive mom and her 3 siblings Pinky, Poppy, Punkie. Kamva being the least liked daughter by her mother. Lihle stays with her father. The twins were under the impression that one of them passed on at birth, little did they not know ,they were actually separated during birth.

Group 3’s showcase is called Bhoko mo Mzansi. The play is about a vigilante assassination group in Mzansi formed by two gangsters. Young people are abducted, kidnapped into a soldier vigilante camp. They are hard-core trained at the boot camp to be heartless where lives don’t matter and their conscious is ripped to pieces. What happens when power dynamics take lead, when two leaders are separated because of greed, money and the desire to be in power?