Mr & Miss Little Soweto is a new trend of modeling that roams around all Soweto Daycares. We have qualified and crowned models who teach little kids how to walk and showcase on stage. We select daycares in Soweto to participate, thereafter kids in each daycare are trained and prepared to compete with other daycares for the title of their community in which the daycare falls under (eg. Mr & Miss Little Protea Glen ,Chiawelo ,Dobsonville). The little models that have won will be qualified to compete for the title of Mr & Miss Little Soweto.

This platform equips little kids from Daycares, teach them modeling, craft and how to go about as young kids bringing positive impact in child development. Being a model is not only  about a pretty face, it is mostly about how you live your daily lifestyle . We are bringing extra curriculum of arts and culture to local daycares. We identify and sharpen talents in our future champions. Mr & Miss Little Soweto does not promote competition but we are bringing fun activities and revealing talent in Soweto.

This also falls under education because being a model has to do with good attitude, healthy lifestyle, community support, respect, & good character. Our initiative is mainly based on children’s life orientation. We have a positive impact on a child‘s self esteem. During the preparations of Mr & Miss Little Soweto, we take our little contestants to orphanages ,where we cook, clean and entertain orphans, by this we are teaching our future champions how important it is to support those in need. We also clean and paint daycare centres that are our participants in this initiative.

Our crowned winners are awarded special prizes. The winning child ‘s daycare receives a special visit from a celebrity whereby the kids will spend a few hours doing fun activities with that specific celebrity. The crowned winners also receive a family paid for dinner with a celebrity at McDonalds.


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