South African poetry darling Mak Manaka returns to Poetic Thursdays having last headlined their ‘I love Soweto’ partnership with Soweto Artsand Craft Fair in December last year. Mak is as Soweto poetry as the words Soweto poetry. Raised by pan Africanists parents he only knows being proudly African as a way of living which makes a lot of sense why Sowetos foremost poetry and live music platform would book him for their Africa Month Edition. The ‘flowers of a broken smile’ author has been touring the country with performances across venues in all the provinces.

Webster Chagonda is founder and manager at spilt milk poetry and a name easily associated with the Joburg poetry scene. Webster is a 10 year performance veteran who takes pride in his Zambian roots through his works and has been exemplary of what youth across the continent can achieve . Webster is mc at split milk poetry every other week in mellville and is in line with releasing their merchandise late this year. Pg 13 is a seven piece band from Tembisa that taps into South African folk and poetry. The band is lead by two powerful vocalists that interchange between song and spoken word. Pg 13 covers South African classics and has been working together since 2015 and has headlined many musical concerts and festivals across South Africa.

The open mic is highly rated and esteemed , critiqued by art journals like Joburg Post – its essence lies in giving an opportunity to first time performers, or younger poets that do not have the experience of performing in a professional setting. The headline section follows featuring some of SA’s best poetry talent, showcasing the core of
poetry books, collections, albums and productions coming out of South Africa.

Please contact Kgotso on kgotsomtaung90@gmail.com for more info.
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