Poetry is an outlet for experience and knowledge, constantly serving as a foundation for sharing, learning, and understanding. Journalism, whilst debatable, is still poetry, only dressed up with jargon and basic foundational principles of expression that I have learned to use for the purpose of strengthening myself as a Poet over the years. I call journalism “disciplined” poetry. Journalism aims to distribute information evenly to all parts of the world and over the years it has gained trust among masses, formally earning itself the title of society’s watchdog and the voice of reason. I read a quote once that said “Journalism is literature in a hurry”. I found this to be true and very much fitting to my view that the two are undeniably inseparable.

In this show, I will explore the best of both industries by taking on the challenge of looking at news headlines from a poet’s perspective. Poetry and Current Affairs will serve as a bridge between our emotional awareness and our reality, collapsing the imaginary barrier we have created between art and logic, expression and responsibility. We will encounter writers from all walks of life, those of old and new school. We will experience Literature from a viewpoint of activism in hopes to instill an understanding of what we go through and how we are affected by it through telling and transforming current affairs into poetic dialogues that will stir our nation and cause a revolution that will be spoken of many years to come. Why? …Because I believe that poetry has the potential to be what journalism is to society. – Noluthando Buthelezi.

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