PSALM 69: HERstory to HISstory (info)

Project background
The show was brewed as part of the PACOFS Incubator Programme 2016/2017, Toured to The South African State Theatre 2017, Olive Tree Theatre 2017, Showcased at The University of Free State under collaboration of Institute of Reconciliation and Social Justice 2017/18 (IRSJ) and also performed at the Global Leadership Summit 2018.

From the dusty streets of Botshabelo comes a story so raw yet so universal you would think it was yours. A story about loss, betrayal, guilt, happiness, strength, courage and resilience!!! It was never a plan, but by owning HER- story…..She keeps making HIStory!!!!!
What if you lost your voice…..
What if you lost yourself…..
What if you lost your sense of belonging…..
Who would tell your story?

What if you thought you lost your voice only to realize it is held back by fear……
What if you thought you lost yourself only to find out you never did…..
What if you lost your sense of belonging only to realize you were never home…..
Would you make a move?

What if a man was to tell a “female” story and own it? What if a woman was to tell a “male” story and own it…..Would you believe it? Would you feel insulted? Would you feel betrayed? Would you feel…….wait would you even feel…..? Why would you?

“I was born a female…just saying in case you might want to put in your two cents worth…it is not appreciated” he said……..
Wait who is he talking about? Him or someone else? Was there a typo? Must have been spell check. I hope! Wait why am I even bothered?
Psalm 69 is a one of a kind show with lots of twists and great reviews. Sometimes we just have to sit back and let others be in our shoes for a day or two. Sometimes we just have to look at someone else mimicking our behaviour and laugh a little at how ridiculous we may be.
Growing up surrounded by strong, powerful and also stupid women, the young man takes matters into his own hands and tells his version of events. Not fearing anything, he gives his all to the process and looks beyond the judgments projected unto him. or am I lying?
Powerful storytelling that will have your mouth begging for more saliva and your teeth feeling cold and maybe a little dusty (depending on the mood and atmosphere of cause)…..we cannot promise anyone comfort; the character is undeniably unpredictable. He or she (no one really knows what he or she really is) will hold your hand, take you on a journey and leave you begging for forgiveness. Maybe because you will be laughing so much that tears roll down your eyes and your stomach hurts or you cry so much that your stomach hurts and you laugh out of discomfort.
Laughter is what we hide behind but what happens when we are alone and no one is watching? What if you had nightmares in daylight and you are haunted (nope don’t worry this is not one of those failed theatre horrors)…..haunted and held captive by your own thoughts……would you tell? What if with a blink of an eye all you have ever known vanishes? What if ……………..
What if you just come and watch the show and help me understand what it is that I was so desperately trying to say? Pheeuw!!!

Note from the director
I am happy to be part of this cutting edge, ground breaking and inspirational show. The writer and I decided to tell this story differently and take a fresh approach to some of the themes that are so universal. I am excited to share this amazing project with the rest of the world. Prepare to laugh, cry and be uncomfortable….or and maybe a little angry too.
“Who is involved”


PEN M Productions Logo









PENM Productions was established as a drama group in 2012 and became a registered company in 2018. Founded by Jefferson Dirks-Korkee, the company is now led by the founder and his colleague Jane Mpholo. PENM Productions is a home to many artists who believe in creating art for social justice.


Jefferson J Dirks Korkee










Jefferson J. Dirks-Korkee is a progressive Theatre-Maker. He with the team of AssitejSA was nominated for two BASA (Business and Arts South Africa) Awards for Best Development and Increase Access to the Arts awards, they received the Award for Best Development project. He also received a Volksblad Arts Festival Award for Best production for “JONAS”, Vryfees Best Production Award for “Kanna Hy Ko Hystoe”, a Vrystaat Arts Festival Award for the Best Free-State Vrynge production for “ROOILUG”. He wrote and present sketches for the OFM radio-station. He participated in more than 65 productions. Jefferson was a critical reviewer for the National incubator program for an agency of the department of arts and culture, PACOFS. He was a judge for the ATKV and North West University arts project, including the ATKV-tienertoneel (Gauteng, Free-State, Eastern-Cape and Namibia).

Jefferson is currently busy doing a post-grad in Higher Education Studies with a focus on Arts Education specialising in socio-dramatic play pedagogies for learning. He is a critical reader for a private university (Pretoria), for Van Schaik Johannesburg Publishers and he writes creative arts curriculum content and frameworks for a public university (Bloemfontein). He is a creative arts facilitator for the in-service creative arts teachers, curriculum assessment policy statement.

Jefferson is very passionate about pedagogical influences of Arts Education using experiential learning as a teaching approach. He is currently a facilitator for the Performing Arts Centre of the Free-State (directing, acting, stage-managing, producing and writing) and the director of PENM Productions. He is recently nominated for a Fiesta for the best performances in a solo production.
Facebook: Jefferson J Dirks-Korkee Fanmily
Twitter: @jjdirkskorkee
Instagram: @jjdirkskorkee


Jane Mamotse Mpholo








Jane Mamotse Mpholo is a University of the Free State’s Drama and Theatre arts graduate from Botshabelo (Free State), a runner up for the Elsa Krantz medal for best artistic presentation 2012 and the Black Woman Arise’s most influential woman 2017. Jane, has many titles under her belt….an actress; playwright; author; radio drama writer, manager/producer; speaker; translator; voice over artist; model and promoter. Currently a facilitator under PACOFS’ capacity building program; Jane has given back to her community by helping facilitate creative art classes at schools around Botshabelo and continues to use her talents to educate and transform society. She has done over 40 professional theatre shows, including: Hairspray The Musical and Mafukuzela songs of freedom which she performed alongside the legendary Sibongile Khumalo as a chorus .
The highlight of her career is having her biographical theatrical show Psalm69 as part of The Global Leadership Summit 2018 and being directed by Erwin Maas (USA) and Stef De Poepe (Belgium) in the Vrystaat Kunstefees’ International Flagship “Best National Drama” award nominated show Alpha 2018. She performed at festivals such as the NAF, UHURU, Vryfees and Platteland Preview
Facebook: Jane Mamotse Mpholo
Twitter: @janempholo
Instagram: @janempholo


psalm 69 new actor Thabang

Thabang Matlali is a FREE STATE based actor who was born and raised in Bloemfontein. He began his career as an actor in Joe Solomon. His professional production debut was in 2011 in Johannesburg at the zwakala festival at the market theatre.  In  2014 he performed in and all star cast production at grahamstown where he attained his first award of the standard bank standing ovation award  then his debut television career started in 2015/16 on and all star cast in an production on e tv.  He is a writer and an aspiring director; has done some technical duties for productions like poetry cries, paleho as well as the camagu dance and drama festival.

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