Love story about a faithful husband who keeps pursuing his bride even whilst she cheats on Him.

Story/production depicts how things were in the beginning, eg, when we receive Christ, honeymoon and first love phase, how things turn out to be when we are in a relationship with Christ after some time. How we tend to envy other things when all our cravings should be fed by Him and His Word. We become half hearted, unfaithful and cheat on GOD even whilst He keeps pursuing us daily.

Lastly, the storyline needs to have a conclusion, therefore it leads to us having to choose ONE GOD, ONE HUSBAND AND ONE TRUE MASTER.

At the end of the day, we can’t have two shades. Christ is a gentleman so He never enforces anything on us. We just simply need to choose out of the gift of freewill. We just simply need to choose OUR SHADE.

Dear human… Did you know?The agenda of God’s PURSUIT, is YOU!!!!

Pursuit 2nd date 20 Oct

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