Buy your first property with none your own money!

SA Property Investors Network invites you to come a see how you can take your first step towards financial freedom through property.

The biggest challenge most people face is getting money together to do property deals.
Most people want to get into property but the biggest prevention is always the finance. DID YOU KNOW, you can start creating wealth through property by using other people’s money?

On the evening we will show you various strategies, tips and tricks as to how you can make money off property without using any of your own money. The keynote speaker at this event Rali Mampeule who is considered one of South Africa’s top black Real Estate Entrepreneurs.

His success in real estate investing and in the generation of passive income has resulted in him being regularly featured in the media where he champions the cause of black business ownership and property investment.

Rali Mampeule started his career in 2000 as a self employed roadside hawker selling boerewors rolls, while studying through Unisa. He started his journey as a property investor by using OPM, (Other People’s Money).

Join this event to find out how you can take the leap and start your journey as a property investor, despite financial challenges. MEMBERS BOOK TODAY

This event is hosted by SA Property Investors Network which aims to educate, add value and grow the network of the private property investors across South Africa. Thereby enabling economic growth and expansion through property entrepreneurship and investment.

SA Property Investors Network are proud hosts of live property investor education and networking events since 2013.

What we do.
We strive to create the largest property networking community, affordable enough for everyone.

Why we do it.
We aim to enable economic growth and expansion through property entrepreneurship and investment,thereby shifting future generations and changing thousands of lives.

How we do it.
Our membership programs allow you to gather knowledge and network while taking the advantage of learning from those who have tried and tested various strategies and approaches.

Lebo Gunguluza: Chairman and Dragons Den Investor acts as Chairman of SA Property Investors Network while Andrew Walker: Founder and CEO runs this privately owned company.

Start your property journey today and achieve your financial goals!
It’s more than just a dream… it’s turning goals into reality!


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