Kennedy Ntikana is a traditional gospel artist, with a unique sound through his music which will refresh, excite, guide and inspire you; and a firm believer in Jesus Christ. I believe that music is a language which when properly presented can be a source of healing, joy and upliftment to another soul.

And so, the ‘Joyful upliftment in His presence’ as Saint Kennedy will present on the 18th of November 2018 at Soweto Theatre, is an event for everyone that feels that they need some sort of upliftment in the form of joy or healing to the soul. Inspired by the biblical portion in the bible found in James 1 verse 2 that says, “Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds…,”. (NIV)

This because, life is daily presenting itself with challenges that seeks to steal joy from humanity which cannot be sold or bought. There are extremely unhappy experiences in lives of ordinary individuals and even those of high positions. This event is not ignorant of those experience but will refresh and guide people to rejoice during those very experiences of hardship. And this through his music which has powerful words, and creative melodies.

The event seeks to attractive people from all levels of life as we will present music that is relevant and effective. The music will be presented live as we will have a complete band and guest artists with a special treat. About 5 hours will be enough for people to experience joy from within. We are expecting an attendance of around 180 people on the day. The event won’t have an attire but whatever is suitable to an individual. However, there will be some worship and honour to the creator God for his excellency, and praise which will keep people on their feet looking for more.

The event will be on a Sunday, of which people’s mood tend to decline as the new week is ahead of them with all kinds of challenges. However, the event will guide people to recognise that joy is also a decision of how we want our life to roll out as God would want it. We can choose to see bad things as an opportunity to blame the world around us or choose to get through bad things and see them as a lesson and opportunity to be stronger.

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