Soweto Tourism will be hosting its inaugural Soweto Tourism Awards ceremony on the 3 February 2023. The awards ceremony will take place under the theme: Back to the Roots, at the Soweto Theatre in Soweto. The awards are a celebration of Soweto-based tourism businesses working tirelessly to promote Soweto as a preferred tourist destination. Soweto Tourism Awards are Soweto’s premier tourism event established to pay tribute to the enormous contribution made by the Soweto Tourism operators and service providers to the tourism industry and the improvement to the economy of Soweto and the country,- as well as to encourage excellence within the industry. The awards are a submission and inspection based programme that provides the opportunity to publicly acknowledge Soweto’s finest Tourism products.
The awards cover 20 categories ranging from Accommodation, Arts and Craft, Camping, Restaurants, Tourist Guide, Tour Operator, Tourism Experience, Restaurant, Experiences, Attractions, Urban Lifestyle and Youth in Tourism. and more. Members of the public and businesses operating in this space were invited through social media platforms and tourism WhatsApp groups,, to nominate businesses that fall into these categories. This process was followed by inviting a public voting process. The awards recognize growth in tourism products and are based on businesses that are compliant, businesses that continually innovate their offering and contribute greatly to their communities.
The purpose of the Soweto Tourism Awards is to:
01. Publicly recognise and reward excellence throughout the Soweto tourism industry.
02. Promote a benchmark for industry best practice.
03. Support improved planning development and internal analysis of tourism businesses
04. Provide an annual platform of industry celebration through networking opportunities for tourism, sponsorship and supporters
05. Encourage continual raising of standards among Soweto tourism through accreditation and certification
06. Emphasise consumer confidence and industry pride for Soweto tourism products
07. Reinforce the value of contribution of the Soweto tourism multi-million rand tourism industry.
The goal is to honour and award Soweto-based tourism businesses and business owners who dedicate themselves to making Soweto the top Township Tourist Destination in South Africa. We celebrate tourism business owners for their innovation, excellence, completeness, level of customer service, and unique experiences, among other factors that have helped make Soweto a top destination.
It is envisaged that this event will be a part of the annual programme of the Soweto Tourism Association, that it will grow from strength to strength and receive the support it deserves from government, the private sector and other players in the tourism industry.