The Willow Creek Association in collaboration with the Soweto Pastors Fraternal will be presenting the Global Leadership Summit again this year.  The GLS is a world-class leadership development experience designed to help you get better as a leader.

You have seen what happens when bad leaders are in control.
What our country needs desperately is a new breed of unashamedly ethical leaders who make a difference. Leaders who are talented, highly skilled and equipped for their positions of power and influence. We need to pour more resources and energy behind developing the next generation of leaders. We must build the nation by building leaders!

That’s what the vision and mission of the GLS is. Its heart is leadership development at an incredibly high level. And we are willing to use any mechanism in order to achieve this goal including the use of a big screen and high definition video content from world-class speakers such as TD Jakes, Bill Hybels and John Maxwell. These high capacity leaders CAN NOW BE ACCESSIBLE TO US THROUGH DIFFERENT SOCIAL PLATFORMS, INCLUDING HIGH RESOLUTION STATE OF THE ART VIDEOCAST.

In 2017 over 400 000 leaders around the world took advantage of this medium of delivery and experienced the GLS via VIDEOCAST.  It’s now the time for leaders in Soweto to join the movement.
Reasons to Attend
For more than 20 years, the Summit has proven to produce compelling outcomes* for attendees, including:
Teamwork 83%
83% of attendees demonstrate improved teamwork, job satisfaction and productivity
Effectiveness 61%
61% of attendees say their organization is more effective because of clearer vision
Significance 87%
87% feel a greater sense of significance and satisfaction in their personal and professional lives
Better Leaders 81%
81% cite concrete ways their supervisor has become a better leader because of the Summit

The GLS is built on a dynamic network of Kingdom-focused partnerships throughout the world. Our partners are made up of teams of leaders from churches and the marketplace who are drawn together by a vision to see their cities impacted for Christ.
Further, they are driven by a fundamental belief that “When a leader gets better, everybody wins” (Bill Hybels).

In other words, when a leader gets better churches and organizations simply run better and become more effective in producing deep and lasting change.
Compelled by these beliefs, the Willow Creek Association (WCA) has partnered with the Soweto Pastor’s Fraternal and we are working together to see such a leadership movement take root in Soweto.


For more information call Willow Creek Assoc. 012-6654688 or visit our website

Registration opens at 8am and starting time is 9am and we finish at 4pm.

Refreshments include morning tea/coffee plus lunch.  Conference supplies include pen, notebook, name badge with lanyard.

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