This Heritage month, Soweto Theatre is celebrating our living heritage by presenting to you The Spirit of Afrikan Dance and Music on 24 September 2022, from 10:00 to 18:00 at Soweto Theatre. The show will be curated by The Gauteng Dance Manyano. The showis set out to be a celebration of our cultures,diversity and a symbolisation of the different identities in our country.

The Spirit of Afrikan Dance and Music strives to create opportunities for upcoming artists, groups and companies that have an interest in traditional music and dance. The event serves to be a platform where the audience and traditional community groups come together to celebrate all forms of cultural and traditional dance as well as indigenous music.

Audiences will be excited to see a variety of cultural groups set to perform as per below:
Ethnic Group Group Name
Coloured JHB Minstrels
SeSotho Mehahlaula Dancers
Xitsonga (Kuthawuza) Tlharihani Va-Tsonga
Isicathamiya Isikhalo se Africa Ngqo
Indian Classical Shivohum Fine Arts
IsiXhosa Ubumbano Cultural Group
Khoi San AN Dance Group
African Drums Music Soweto Drumming Ensemble
Tshivenda (Tshigombela) Makonazwothe Venda Cultuta
Kuele Mix FlamenKhoi
Indian African Trihbangi Dance Theatre
Sepedi Grace of Destiny
Ushameni Amankeyane
Setswana Nakanjani Theatre Production

“The establishment of The Spirit of Afrikan Dance and Music will affirm the and continue to preserve our cultures for generations to come. It serves as a corner stone of celebrating our multi-cultural society and continue our living heritage.” says the Creative Arts Practitioner, Mr Njabulo Jimmy Sibiya.

“It is such an honour to be entertained by the Gauteng Dance Manyano in the spirit of the Heritage Month as well as the 10th year celebration of Soweto Theatre. We really hope to enjoy a day filled with culture, history, music and dance.” says The Soweto Theatre GM: Vincent Motau.

Catch the Cultural Festival – The Spirit of Afrikan Dance and Music at Soweto Theatre on 24 September 2022, from 10:00. Tickets are available for R30.