Who We Are
Bukho Bami Youth Centre is a youth empowerment facility that provides after-school care programs, homework assistance, skills development initiatives, mentorship, career guidance and recreational activities. The Soweto based non-profit company also facilitates skills transfer mechanisms which are aimed at equipping unemployed and out-of-school youth to become employable or entrepreneurial.

What We Do
Bukho Bami Youth Centre empowers disadvantaged youngsters through the provision of various educational and socio-economic interventions. The centre assists high school learners to reach their full academic potential. We augment the schooling experience by providing an environment which is conducive towards the completion of homework, tutoring, skills development, counseling and mentorship.

Our programs also seek to develop unemployed and out-of-school youth. We facilitate various skills transfer initiatives, provide access to career guidance, avail entrepreneurship or job seeking advice and assist in sourcing socio-economic support.

The byproduct of our efforts is the mitigation of social ills (as youths are involved in constructive activities) and the stimulation of the township economy (as the youth participate in economic productivity).

The 2nd annual Bukho Awards
Bukho Bami Youth Centre will close off the year by hosting an award ceremony at Soweto Theatre on the 10th of December. The Dobsonville based non-profit company will through the auspicious event honour the learners and stuff members across all 4 divisions; education, ICT, sewing and confectionery division. The recipients will be bestowed with the highest honour for their tenacity and scrupulous avidness throughout the year. Furthermore the award ceremony serves an accounting measure to the involved stakeholders, most notably the parents who have entrusted the organisation with their beloved children.