Masterclass Overview

29 JANUARY – 31 JANUARY 2019
Soweto Theatre
Course times: 10am-12pm & 6pm – 8pm (daily)
FREE ENTRY (Limited Space available)
Ages: 15 and over
Focus on Writing & Directing

Carla Fonseca (Actor, Director, Performance Artist) is offering 6 public workshops on
directing and scriptwriting. These workshops will examine practical and collaborative
approaches to play formation, workshopped processes, writing, scene work and the craft
of storytelling. Attendants are requested to bring material (notepad and pen) to the
workshops, and the instructor will provide other materials if needed. The workshops are
practical in nature and will allow participants to work, with direction and guidance, toward
a clearer understanding of the craft.

● Storytelling
● Linear vs. Non-Linear
● Structure & Time
● Writing / Collaborating / Devizing
● Writing Effective Dialogue
● What is character?
● Directing / Collaborating / Devizing
● Endings & Beginnings