• Faithkeepers is a unique and desperately-needed film which will educate viewers about the persecution of religious minorities taking place, and inspire them to take action to help those being persecuted.
  • The film offers a gripping and emotional overview of historic persecution, along with creative and emotional animated sequences interspersed with personal and heart-wrenching testimonies.
  • We hope that the film will be used by churches, campus groups and others in the U.S. to awaken and activate Christians and others to take action.
  • Filming began on Faithkeepers in 2014/15 and, in the course of their filming, the crew travelled across the US, and to Canada, and also Iraq, to meet those affected by the persecution.



  • Among the ways which we are offering viewers to take action is the Faithkeepers Fund.
  • The Faithkeepers Fund will enable us to continue our work in distributing our film and, crucially, will also go to our aid partners on the ground, a hand-selected and vetted group of humanitarian NGO’s who are delivering aid to persecuted Christians and Yazidis in the Middle East.
  • To donate, go to


  • Currently, the issue of persecution of religious minorities is rarely covered by media outlets, and rarely focused on by faith groups in the United States.
  • Faithkeepers will change that. It will get this issue media coverage, on the political agenda, and on the radars of ordinary Americans who need to take a stand against the persecution.

Your support will help our film reach millions of people and provide much-needed relief for those facing horrific persecution at the hands of violent Islamists.

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