Free Property Coaching Class In Soweto Theatre.

Have you got an idea why some people make lots of profit in property in good markets as well as bad markets? Have you got an idea why property is a cornerstone of wealth creation and how you can benefit from the industry?

In our next property coaching class, we discuss the following:
1. Buying property below market value.
2. Becoming a property flipper.
3. How to enter the property development industry.
4. How to manage your property investment portfolio like a pro.
5. Branding and marketing your company like an expert.
6. How to start a career as a property investor.

on the 23rd of March at 9am, we will be at Soweto theatre for this event.

Go to firstclassproperty to register for the event.

Free event ,limited seating (120). RSVP via link: