What a joy.  Soweto Melodic Voices are a talented and inspiring group of young people who will fill you with emotion and wonder.

The group’s motto is “We sing when we’re happy and We sing when we’re sad,’ and with that they take audiences on a beautiful journey through spiritual gospel moments to raucous dance numbers.

Yet no matter what the song, every single member of the choir smiles and engaging, led by an equally beaming founder Neria Madikane.

For people the show could dispense with the introduction and Madikane’s initial address preaching peace, as the music itself is so effective and needs no introduction.

The programme contains enough information to appreciate what an impressive group they are, joined by young musicians from the age of 14-30.

The choir gives its members a chance to leave meaningful lives and help with their education prospects.  Their love of music is clear from their smiles, their dancing, the passion of their voices and natural talent.

The choir has gained the love and support of local and international audiences with the help of the Chaplaincy of the University of Edinburg and has now gained support from the Herriot Watt University both in Scotland.

The choir has done amazing work with schools and churches in Edinburgh and managed to link schools in South Africa with schools abroad including Universities and churches.

The choir launched its 1st CD recorded by the University of Edinburgh labelled ‘Harambe’ a Shona word meaning ‘Pulling together’.  Throughout its outstanding performances,

Soweto Melodic Voices has lived a mark and now gained honour by being invited by Creative Connections and International Cultural Education Organisation to perform for schools at the United States of America for 2016 summer and performing at the fringe in Scotland Edinburgh Arts Festival summer 2018. 

USA’s Creative Connections assisted us to raise funds in order to assist our performers with tertiary registrations.  Soweto Melodic Voices continue to serve as a vehicle to transform young people.

2017/2018 production is all about Xenophobia “Soweto Melodic Voice together with Soweto Theatre say no to Xenophobia”.  The show starts with beautiful birds sounds, cacophonous laughter of hunters dressed in wild Koisan outfits and big 5 resembling Africa at its best.  Followed by the whistling and girls dancing on stage until beautiful harmonies  filling the theatre with singers who could sing out notes and do all manner of vocal tricks, loud and soft, without any form of amplification.  Their dynamics throughout are controlled and effective, they often held back with reduced numbers or soft singing in order to make their full sound more dramatic.

The show’s highlight is the way Africans treat each other when they are regarded as ‘foreigners’.  It starts on a happy note and end on a sad note, this is a can’t miss show for the entire family.

The different costumes, dances, rhythms and sounds produced by the choir creates a truly inspiring show celebrating Soweto life.  Soweto Melodic Voice has the ability to leave audiences with mixed emotions of smiles and tears on their faces.

For more information please contact Soweto Theatre on 0861 670 670  or Neria Madikane 079 416 3495.