South Africa is on the brink of a dangerous civil conflict that could see our society, and our politics, completely redefined. The melting pot of Land Expropriation without compensation together with the Fees Must Fall, Men Are Trash, Me Too, I Am Winnie campaigns and others have seen a rise to the tension between race and gender disparities. This programme seeks to address these issues head on by providing the youth the tools to effect positive and progressive change by engaging activist who have travelled this journey.

The programme will feature a film screening, panel discussion and networking opportunities, with conversations between two generations of social justice activists. Our headlines feature two activists who dedicated their lives in the struggle against racism in the US and apartheid in South Africa. Both will feature in the documentary The Most Potent Weapon and two who are in the midst of their journey.

Selby Semela (one of the known leaders of the Soweto Uprising) dedicated his life to fighting apartheid with the aid of student groups outside of Africa. (Pictured left) Tsietsi Mashinini, Semela and Barney Mokgatle receive worldwide media attention upon their arrival at the airport in London in August, 1976. The press conference where this photo was taken assured their families that they had safely escaped.

Jane Elliot is an American former third-grade schoolteacher, antiracism activist, feminist, LGBT activist and educator. She is known for her “Blue eyes-Brown eyes exercise” which she first conducted the day after Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated. The exercise created an awareness of the effects of racist behaviours to a part of society that wouldn’t ordinarily experience it.

The event will showcase their reflections on lives of extraordinary impact, and through their stories, they will sustain and inspire others and answer questions like: How did Selby and Jane have such impact, and what lessons can we take, what inspiration can we take?  The event will feature a musical performance element and a social justice fair where the public will get the opportunity to meet social justice organizations seeking out young activists and a space where they can be duly recognised for their talents.

Entrance is free of charge. Show starts at 20h00 in The Blue Theatre.