KOBO EA KA The blanket of wisdom Is a musical drama that explores the rituals, myths and the wrong practices that leave curses and burdens lingering over the women who feel lost without track of their placentas after giving birth in a supposedly health care facility as compared to the ancient practices.
FLIPPED is a theatre production that addresses, explores and challenges the GBV issues that most communities have normalized. In just one of the great womanly days, tables turned and women held men with power and the promise is to chop down power of each perpetrator. This story is told through song, movement, poetry and drama in one theatrical unit.
Tag Line – “In order for the devil to survive with his evil deeds, good men and women keep their mouth shut.
After a successful run of Lebohang Moroe’s theatre production BETEWU in 2020 at the Soweto Theatre, in Solos and Duets Festival. He is back again with a double Bill to serve you this winter, happening at the Soweto Theatre’s Blue Theatre from 1st to 2nd June 2024. The Double Bill is co-produced by Onalerona Productions and Tony Bee Foundation (NPC) producers of ISILILO that premiered in North West in December 2023, with both works FLIPPED AND KOBO EA KA written by Lebohang Moroe. KOBO EA KA is directed by Ikobeng Moatlhodi an actor, voice artist, screen actor, theatre director and he is also popularly known as Sephamola in Showmax’s Outlaws and Choreographed by multi skilled dancer, singer, actor and musician, Tony Banyatsi. FLIPPED which is a production mostly featuring Wits, AFDA and Lits’omong Graduates is directed by Lebohang Moroe.
Lebohang Moroe is not new to the corners and stages of Soweto Theatre, as he has been working as an Arts facilitator that discovered, unearthed, developed, nurtured and mentored many talents who are today professional practitioners and graduates from reputable institutions such as Wits University since in the year 2014 under Soweto Theatre’s Lits’omong Drama Youth Development Programme. Though his more recent works have been focused on the development of the children, young people and the youth. This time, he is bringing works that encourages the society to engage and find solutions to the challenges that confronts them on daily basis.