Celebrating Thembi & Todd. The Spirit of Togetherness is a globally acclaimed show that has captivated audiences in over 50 countries. With award-winning choreography and stunning costumes, the production stands as a testament to South Africa’s artistic brilliance. UMOJA is a testament to the transformative power of the arts. Originally conceived by two remarkable women, Thembi Nyandeni and Todd Twala, upon their return to South Africa, the production was born from a desire to redirect the energies of the youth in Hillbrow away from negative influences like dagga and alcohol.
AFRICA UMOJA has since evolved into a global phenomenon, celebrated for its breath taking performances and its profound impact on communities. Over the years, AFRICA UMOJA has received numerous accolades and international recognition, solidifying its status as a cultural ambassador for South Africa. UMOJA has captivated audiences in over 50 countries, showcasing the universal appeal of its message and performances.